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         Mathews IT Services started life in 2008 by a retail store manager. While we were very young we had a great deal of knowledge of everything electronic. We worked on anything related to any electronic system. If you needed the time set on your VCR, we would be right there. That is how long we have been serving Houston and the surrounding areas. Since then the services that we offer have grown a great deal. We now offer remote support from anywhere, along with annual antivirus subscriptions, and even web hosting. All of us here at Mathews IT Services enjoy what we do and we show it by offering anything we can to our clients.  Mathews IT Services is currently based in Cypress, Texas - but we are mobile. We will come to you whether you're here, or you're there...we're everywhere.

Meet our owners... 

Christopher Mathews

President - Mathews, Inc.

          Mathews IT Services was founded in 2008 by Chris Mathews. At the time Chris founded Mathews IT Services he was just messing around with information systems on the side while working as a store manager for a national retail store. Chris has always liked working with electronics even at a young age. When Chris was little, he would take apart VCRs and other electronic devices. Unfortunately, the electronic device didn't always make it back to an operational status. Even though he would get in trouble, Chris still learned valuable information about how the VCR worked. 

          Using a more refined method Chris has taken the information he has learned over the years and applies it to his day to day life. Information technology is not something that Chris simply enjoys, it’s his passion. This line of work is truly where Chris is meant to be. He is knowledgeable in Windows, Linux, and MAC Oss. Chris obtained industry certifications in VMWare and Labtech RMM software in early 2016. Currently, Chris is attending college to obtain his degree in Information Systems. 

         Chris is now married with three children and is living life to the fullest. We wish him and his family all the very best.


Careisse Mathews

Vice President - Mathews, Inc.

         Careisse has taken on the role of Vice President and Treasurer of Mathews, Inc during its formation. Careisse and Chris now share the operations of Mathews, Inc. DBA: Mathews IT Services from now on. Combined they bring years of customer service, accounting, and technical resources to our operations. Careisse has spent a good portion of her career working with customers and her knowledge in this field can be matched by no one. Careisse also brings invaluable knowledge to Mathews IT Services by running our accounting department. We are truly lucky to have Careisse on our team!

         Careisse is married with 3 children and loves the life that she is able to provide to her family.




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